Natural Vision Improvement and Self-Healing through Movement

Find out how easy-to-perform movement and vision exercises can work together to heal your body and eyes. Dr. Schneider will explain the relationship between the body and eyes and demonstrate exercises to improve circulation to your eyes by loosening tension in your neck and back. Vision can improve!

Self-Healing is the process of accessing your body’s natural powers to create health through gentle movement, breathing, self-massage, visualization, coordination, and specialized exercises to increase blood flow. Most of us have ingrained patterns of imbalance that lead to backaches, painful neck and shoulders, stiff joints, fatigue, and eyestrain.

Learn how to use your muscles more efficiently – with ease, balance, and flexibility – and enhance physical and mental relaxation to reactivate your vision in a whole new way! Learn to protect yourself from eyestrain, reduce stress created by long hours at the computer, develop sharper vision, and use your eyes as effectively as possible! These techniques can help you to improve nearsightedness or farsightedness, whether mild or severe, and to overcome pathologies such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, retinal detachment, and macular degeneration.

Bring comfortable clothes, a case for your glasses or contacts – and be ready for a transformation beyond your wildest expectations!

An Art of Living for An Art of Seeing

Yoga is an Art of Living, and the Bates Method is an Art of Seeing. Learning to be aware of our eyes and how to use them, bringing consciousness to our eyes and vision.

Five years ago I started a Yoga class for Senior students in my home town to experiment with my personal work. The students are very happy with it especially since their ophtalmologist is telling them to keep on this work as their eyesight is not declining and for some improving. I first presented this personal work at the IHVC Munich in 2007, then in Madrid in 2015 and  in Paris in 2016. It will be the content of my workshop in Edinburgh. My personal work is based on movements aimed at keeping mind, body and eyes connected. This is achieved through work on the joints to keep them happy, and on muscle tone to help the body, with conscious breathing, and  awareness of the eyes and the vision. This routine introduces the ideas and concepts of Dr Bates. It is flexible and opens to a range of movements that can be different within the same frame. My aim is to give the students some tools easy to remember and reproduce alone at home. The repetition of this routine will help the student to be aware of his eyes, posture and breathing while in action in everyday activity.

Experience the healing power of light, color and darkness
My work focuses on: eye school, health promotion, corporate seminars and training. Light, color and darkness are “primitive qualities” to use everyday and consciously apply in our own practice as vision teachers, relaxation therapists, health consultants, etc. We can use it to: promote relaxation, support learning, stimulate self-healing, “Charging Batteries”, strengthen the sense of sight in a natural way, harmonize and enhance spiritual, mental and physical well-being.
The aim of this workshop is to introduce you to this work in the hope that some of what you learn will be as useful to you in your work as it is to me in mine.
Workshop content:
Goethe’s color theory and color therapy, Theo Gimbel
Experience natural healing powers of light, color and darkness itself
Chromotherapy with color therapy tablets
Color visualizations
The color-restorative treatment

Healthy color rituals for everyday life

Embodied Vision – using techniques from improvisational dance to free imagination and movement
Anna Bambridge / Monika Smekot (Scotland/Poland)

Using approaches from the field of movement and dance improvisation we will explore our sensory experience. We will be invited to experience our bodies from within and to allow our felt sense to emerge in movement (or stillness). In this process we can meet our nature deeply and in doing so we are encouraged to learn from and trust our own senses in a playful and imaginative way.

The Bigger Vision
Barry Auchettl (Australia)

Are you looking for clarity and to create the life you truly desire? Is it time to for you to step up and experience your dreams?
If you have the courage to step into your Vision, then life is there to not only support you, but to let you live your dream. You can transform your everyday life into one of exceptional value. Barry will expand Vision using revolutionary and innovative intuitive tools and techniques to ignite your power within. Each of us has our own unique dreams and journey that can be transformed.
“The Bigger Vision” includes:
• How to engage and connect to each other on a deeper level
• How to use simple and accurate muscle testing to gain clarity of answers
• How to use frequencies, vibrations and the law of attraction to manifest your dreams
This workshop is designed to enhance awareness and help discover unseen potential within you.

HANDLE® Activities to add to your tool box

Review Gentle Enhancement®
Learn playful HANDLE Activities that support convergence, divergence, relaxation of the eyes, peripheral vision and the vestibular system: activities that can even be adapted for clients who cannot understand or follow directions.
• Crazy Straw
• Blowing activities
• Face Tapping
• Rope turning/ hula hands
• Sunrise Sunset
• Imaginary Chin-Ups
• Buzz Snap

Linking SOMATIC EXPERIENCING for post traumatic stress resolution with the BATES METHOD for natural vision improvement

The presentation will demonstrate this link between the ANS and vision. The workshop will explore the Bates Method using the Somatic Experiencing approach.

Bach Flower Remedies and the Bates Method 
Theresa McInnes (Scotland)

This will be a practical workshop, you will get the opportunity to learn more about the ‘Bach Flower Remedies’  and explore how you might begin to use them for yourself and perhaps introduce them to others, and hopefully also introduce them into your work with pupils, clients and patients.

There will be plenty time to explore the Bach Flower Remedies and to discuss how to use them.

In addition you will  make up an actual  ‘treatment bottle’ for yourself.

One approach to functions and dysfunctions of binocularity

I intend to review some concepts and bring alternative ideas for procedures, focusing on the specificities of the different types of binocular dysfunctions, and their relations with refractive errors.

BALLS, BREATH & BATES (The physiology of deep relaxation of body, eyes and mind through self massage with therapy balls)
Claudia Muehlenweg (Germany & USA)

In this workshop we will explore hands on (and body on) how self massage with grippy therapy balls combined with breath strategies and easy yoga moves can help us to go from tense to relaxed much easier and faster. We will touch on the Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges and see how the latest neuroscientific research confirms the mind-eye connection that the Bates Method is based on, and why it works.
We have had all had clients who cannot relax at all since they are hard-wired into the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight). Telling those clients to relax the eyes by using abdominal breath won’t work since they can not relax mentally (top to bottom). The therapy balls and breath are an easy to understand and practice bottom-up approach that yields fast results by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, and works great for men who are often struggling even more with the mind-body connection.
You will find a treasure chest of new practices to enhance your life. For educators, you will leave with creative ways to guide students of every level into down-regulation.
Dress in tighter fitting clothing for this workshop to prevent the massage balls being rolled up into fabric.