Presenters Biographies

Meir Schneider (USA)

Meir Schneider, PhD, LMT healed himself of congenital blindness and developed an original holistic approach to health. The Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method is a unique combination of therapeutic massage, movement, and natural vision improvement exercises for prevention and rehabilitation of degenerative conditions. He has been recognized locally and internationally for his work, being named one of the Top Ten Most Inspirational Israelis worldwide in 2007 and awarded a Certificate of Honor by the City of San Francisco in 2010. A globally respected therapist and educator, he is also a bestselling author. His previous books include Vision for Life and Movement for Self-Healing. His latest book, Awakening the Power of Self-Healing, is published by the Self-Healing Press. He is the founder of the School For Self-Healing in San Francisco.

Claudia Muehlenweg (USA/Germany)

With a background in graphic design, Claudia was always a visually driven person. The Bates Method helped her to get rid of her despised glasses. That sparked a life long passion for eyesight improvement which led to her Bates Method Teacher Certification through the College of Vision Education in 2010. She has been helping her clients remove their crutches ever since. In 2013 she added a Yoga Teacher certification through the esteemed Yogaworks Teacher Training to teach yoga group classes and privates. Since last year she’s also a certified Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model Method® teacher.

Fernanda Leite Ribeiro (Brazil)

Fernanda Leite Ribeiro is an Optometrist, Vision Therapist , and Self-Healing practitioner/educator certified by the School for Self-Healing (San Francisco, CA –USA). In November, 2014 she got a degree in Behavioral Optometry by Instituto Thea (Florianópolis, Brazil) in collaboration with the Sanet – Vision Seminars (San Diego- CA, USA). She is a Fellow of the College of Syntonic Optometry (USA).

Nina Hutchings (France)

Nina Hutchings has been teaching the Bates Method Vision Education for over 20 years after graduating from the School of Vision Education in London. She lives in France and runs workshops in France and Europe. She founded the Ecole de la Vue Teacher Training course in the Bates Method in Paris and is also part of the Bates Method Teacher Training team in Madrid, Spain (Escuela Bates de Madrid).

Nina later trained in «Somatic Experiencing» a body oriented approach to resolution of post-traumatic stress symptoms developed by Peter Levine. She has integrated aspects of Somatic Experiencing in her Vision Education teaching as a complementary tool for improving visual function.

Nina also trained in «Rééquilibrage Sensoriel é Moteur, méthode Maisonneuve», in the integration of persistant Primitive Reflexes for children with learning difficulties, attention and concentration problems.

Amelia Jurado (Spain)

Years ago, just after finishing my Economics and Business Administration degree, I found a great job at Mitsubishi Bank Spain, an Investment bank. Six years after, I felt empty at work: no emotion inside myself (apart from the stress of the financial markets operations and breathing a lot of smoking from others in the Dealing Room). So, I quit my great job and dedicated to take care of my first baby girl (years after, other two children came, so, my three girls and my husband: the best in my life!).

Coming back to 1997: I enrolled as a teacher at the University, teaching… Finance! I loved to meet young people and share with them all I knew about finance. This lasted 6 years.

But what I love is really moving! I love music, it makes the soul go high! And I could not find music in Euribor, Federal Reserve or foreign Exchange quotations (although interesting but… not for me). So, in the meantime, while working in finance world, I formed as Aerobic Teacher and Pilates Instructor. I liked that a lot! I was aware of my body, aware of the movement, much more connected with myself.

Ok, we are on the way!!! And started to know about Homeopathy, and Reiki and other ways to understand things: much more intuitional, much more natural, much more me!

So Bates Method came to my life, and opened my vision and my mind. Great teachers showed me the way: Amelia Salvador, Nina Hutchings and Maurizio Cagnoli. I certified in 2011 in Madrid Bates School. After that, ChiRunning and ChiWalking came to my life too, and it opened a door I had previously closed (knees hurting while running: I thought that running was not for me).

Now, I teach Bates Method to help people to improve their eyesight effortlessly, and ChiRunning and ChiWalking to teach people how to do exercise in a healthy and… effortlessly manner. I LOVE IT! I Love to accompany others to open doors to wellbeing!

In the recent years, and with the help of my brother Kike (manager of the best Coaching School in Spain, D’arte) I have digged in the area of how to know and communicate to ourselves better. I have learned a great way to understand myself and others from the father of Coaching, Tim Gallwey and his approach “The Inner Game”. And I have recently learned NLPfrom some of the best experts in the world: Wendy Jago and Frank Pucellik. (co-creator of NLP).

So happy to go on learning and to share with you this wonderful event in, as we say in Spanish, Edimburgo!

Enrique Jurado (Spain)

Founder and CEO of “D’arte Coaching y Formación Artesanal”, the most important growing Coaching School in the last years in Spain. More than 10,000 people has been trained by us. Focused on Coaching, Emotional Inteligence and NLP. Its the only Coaching training organization with the University oficial certification and the ICF and ASESCO approval.

Master in Coaching and NLP, trained by John Grinder (NLP classic code and new code) and Frank Pucelik. Practitioner and Facilitator in Inner Game by Tim Gallwey Inner Game School. Master Empowerment Coach and Firewalking Instructor with Charles Horton and Tolly Burkan.

Previously I worked as a Marketing Managing Director for several companies, after finishing Business and Marketing career and MBA by Houston University. But during those years of working in a extremely competitive and dehumanized environment, the stress and tension caused me illness symptoms and anxiety. Looking for answers about emotions and human behaviour, I started the way to NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching. It helped me a lot, my life took another direction! And I wanted others to benefit as I did: that’s how I found my passion!

The moto in our School is: “the world needs people who love what they do” and we are working happily towards the mission of helping people to find their way to happiness, whatever they dedicate to. I’m very happy to see how NLP can be applied to improve eyesight in a natural way, combined with the wonderfully design Bates Method.

Barry Auchettl (Australia)

Barry Auchettl (ock-er-tell) is a Visionary from the Gold Coast in Australia whose passion is awakening the Vision in others. Barry has faced many life and health challenges from a positive and ultimately grateful viewpoint. He is one of Australia’s most qualified vision educators and founded Eye Power in 1997 after personally overcoming the need for corrective lenses.

Barry has a Masters of Education focusing on the detrimental effects computers have on eyesight, and was the keynote speaker at the Vision Educators conference in Los Angeles in 2015. Barry specialises in combining business skills, healing modalities, intuition and muscle testing. He created Light Body Alignment as a way of clearing unconscious sabotages in seconds.

Barry is the creator of Conversations: an inspirational game, author of One Vision, Eye Power, Open Your Eyes and The Scan Charts. He is also an international speaker, facilitator, radio host, and Vision Mentor who specialises in clearing sabotages and core issues. Barry has developed an unique process for raising your your own personal vibration and the frequency you put out to the world.

Theresa McInnes (Scotland)

Theresa has been a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner for 20 years and is a trainer registered with The Dr Edward Bach Foundation. Her interest in complementary health developed after a career in Teaching followed by working in the family pharmacy and latterly as a Health store retailer advising on a range of supplements, essential oils and of course Bach remedies.

Her introduction to Bates in 2003 was a pivotal moment making her aware of a clear parallel between her work with the flower essences – looking at our emotional response to life and the effect that our emotions have on our eyesight. Theresa will be offering a workshop at the Conference exploring the relationship between how we feel about our situations and as a consequence how we view the world around us.

On a personal level Theresa is a daughter – wife – mother – grandmother – pet owner – enough to warrant the use of all 38 remedies for herself nevermind her clients!

Giorgio Ferrario

Giorgio Ferrario has taught Bates Method since the end of ‘80’s. He is director of Scuola Bates Italia and president of the Association SOPHIE, dealing with the organization of the projects “Vista Sana nelle Scuole” (Healthy Vision in the Schools) “Vista Sana in Ogni Famiglia” (Healthy vision in every Family) and “Gruppo di Supporto Visivo” (Vision Support Group). He teaches classes and gives individual lessons of Bates Method. With the purpose to promote the culture of a natural approach to vision problems, he gives lectures and published several books on vision education with Bates Method and other natural techniques. For several years he he had been a musician and, thanks to the knowledge acquired on the sound, developed a vision educational path based on the sound perception.

Daniela Maťuchová (Slovak Republic)

She studied at University of Economics in Bratislava and next twelve years worked for the Slovak Tax Administration. Her life has changed after her second child was born prematurely and she started to look for the therapies that could be helpful for him. Besides many other therapies they tried, she learned about Bates method and finally she trained as a natural vision teacher at the Bates College of Vision Education graduating in 2013. In January 2014, she started her own business. Apart from teaching the Bates Method, she does also SCENAR Therapy – special electrotherapy, that combines the most up-to-date electronic technology with the ancient healing art of the East. She is a member of BAVE (Bates Association for Vision Education).

Dror Schneider (USA)

After 15 years of teaching Natural Eyesight Improvement to individuals and in courses and raising two children with congenital cataracts, Dror trained as a HANDLE Practitioner and Instructor.Over the last ten years she has worked with clients with learning disabilities, autism, brain injuries and metabolic disorders and has taught courses in the US, Israel and Poland. Dror is a senior HANDLE Instructor, is active in the Institute’s leadership and chairs its Education Committee. |

Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer (Germany)

My work focuses on: eye school, health promotion, corporate seminars and training. Light, color and darkness are “primitive qualities” to use everyday and consciously apply in our own practice as vision teachers, relaxation therapists, health consultants, etc. We can use it to: promote relaxation, support learning, stimulate self-healing, “Charging Batteries”, strengthen the sense of sight in a natural way, harmonize and enhance spiritual, mental and physical well-being.

Anna Bambridge (Scotland)

Anna Bambridge studied Physics at Cambridge University and completed a Masters at Glasgow Caledonian University researching Holistic Vision therapy. She trained as a natural vision teacher at the Bates College of Vision Education graduating in 2007 and has been teaching since then.

Anna is also an enthusiast of contact improvisation dance and in 2015 trained as a facilitator for improvisation jams with @TheGlasgowJam.

She is currently researching how creative improvisation can support natural vision work.

Anna is also the current treasurer of the Bates Association for Vision Education.

Monika Smekot (Poland)

Monika Smekot has a Masters Degree in Indian Studies from Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Poland) through which she discovered yoga and found a way of being with her body which was precise and curious. During her studies she also began exploring various forms of dance, including: contemporary dance, flamenco, Classical Indian dance, Butoh, improvisation and contact-improvisation.

She is the Artistic Director of POZA project, a platform that facilitates focused research in and between the fields of ​dance/movement/ sound/ video and performance.​ It also provides short trainings and workshops in various artistic genres. ​

She has come to vision work through experiences with her son congenital cataracts.

Chantal Trauchessec-Webster (France)

I trained as a Yoga teacher in 1994/98, at l’Ecole Française de Yoga du Sud Est, in Aix en Provence, headed by Boris Tatzky and started to teach Yoga in 1998.
I started to study the Bates method with Brigitte Cavadias, in 1994, attended several international conferences and workshops before my summer seminar at the Oxonhoath Center in Kent with Peter Mansfield, Rosemary Gaddum Gordon and Margaret Montgomery. Aileen Whiteford was also part of the team. After that seminar I took the decision to train as a Bates teacher, I could see the progress on my eyesight and it was so exciting. I attended the College of Vision Education in London in 2004/05 headed by Margaret Montgomery and Aileen Whiteford. I have been teaching the Bates Method since then. Mainly through invitations from various Yoga Associations all across France.